Wind and Hail can damage your roof. Call today to get it inspected for Free

Places in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee have received heavy hail and wind storms recently. If you haven't scheduled your free roof inspection with Roofline RESTORE, do so today and you will be eligible for our 5% discount for the month of May. Call 256-679-9960 

*This discount valid to customers who:

  • Sign their roofing contract during the month of may.
  • Purchase a full roof replacement.
  • Project is started within 30 days of contract signing.

Rain, rain, go away...

After several months of drought weather with very little rain, it was easy for many North Alabamians to put their roof leaks on the back burner. After several thunderstorms, we have received multiple calls for people with new and old roof leaks. 

Although unsettling, homeowners can rely on Roofline RESTORE to carry the load of your home headaches. We are committed to making the problems go away. 

Call us today to discuss your property resolutions. 256-679-9960

Winter=Leaves Leaves=Roof Maintenance

Winter=Leaves Leaves=Roof Maintenance

As shown in the picture above, when leaves or other debris collect on your roof, water run-off can be compromised. Once that occurs water will travel to the path of least resistance... That path could take it under the shingles and onto the wood portions of your roof and cause wood rot. That path could also cause water to travel to the attic of your home or even worse... Inside your home, maybe to the ceiling drywall (causing staining or mold growth) or even to the flooring or subfloor (causing staining/mold-growth as well as the increased chances of musty odors: All of which can completely alter the living environment inside your structure). 

Our "RMP" (Roof Maintenance Plan) can help stop this from happening! This is an added service we offer in correlation with our warranty to help increase the quality of service we offer as a company as well as improving the value in the services we offer as a company.

Check out our RMP tab for more information on the plans we offer.